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Title Illumination in a dining room: on the home stretch of their project, the...
Dogrib New Testament team tackles some final translation problems.
Author(s) Janke, Dwayne.
Local Call Num. WORDAlive, Summer 2003
Status This item is currently IN the library.
Series WORDAlive magazine.
Pages p. 16-17
Publishing Info Calgary, AB Wycliffe Canada. 2003
Loan Type/Days PER-Periodical / This item may circulate for 0 Days
Department PER-Periodical
Media PER-Periodical
Volume/Issue Summer 2003
Subjects Feenstra, Jaap and Morina, Wycliffe members.
Feenstra, Jaap, SIL translation consultant.
Siemens, Mary, Dogrib translator.
Bouvier-White, Marie Louise, Dogrib Bible translator.
Shed, David, leader of Tli Cho Christian Fellowship.
Shed, David, Native Gospel Outreach missionary.
Translation problems--Dogrib New Testament.
Resources Illumination in a dining room: on the home stretch