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Title Like a father: in Cameroon, God brought together a scholar and a student...
in a fruitful mentoring relationship.
Author(s) Lockhart, Doug.
Local Call Num. WORDAlive, Fall 2003
Status This item is currently IN the library.
Series WORDAlive magazine.
Pages p. 4-11
Publishing Info Calgary, AB Wycliffe Canada. 2003
Loan Type/Days PER-Periodical / This item may circulate for 0 Days
Department PER-Periodical
Media PER-Periodical
Volume/Issue Fall 2003
Subjects Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy (CABTAL)
Ngiemboon (African people)--Cameroon's West Province.
Grebe, Karl, Bible translation and literacy consultant and mentor.
Cameroon Bible Society, Scripture publishing.
Grebe, Karl and Winnie, Wycliffe Canada members.
Grebe, Winnie, training coordinator for SIL's regl. office in Bamenda, Cameroon.
Partners with Nationals (PwN), Wycliffe Canada program.
Babungo New Testament--Cameroon.
Ngiemboon New Testament--Cameroon.
Yonta, Moise, overseer of 10 language projects in Cameroon.
Yonta, Moise, CABTAL member.
Resources Like a father: in Cameroon, God brought