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Title Getting down to business: Wycliffe's Kenneth Kok mobilizes Singapore's...
Church--including skilled Christian professionals--for missions.
Author(s) Lockhart, Doug.
Local Call Num. WORDAlive, Summer 2002
Status This item is currently IN the library.
Series WORDAlive magazine.
Pages p. 16-21
Publishing Info Calgary, AB Wycliffe Canada. 2002
Loan Type/Days PER-Periodical / This item may circulate for 0 Days
Department PER-Periodical
Media PER-Periodical
Volume/Issue Summer 2002
Subjects Kok, Kenneth--Wycliffe Singapore director.
May, Bernie, former Wycliffe U.S. director and missionary pilot.
Kok, Kenneth and Catherine, Wycliffe Singapore members.
Tay, Andrew, chair of Wycliffe Singapore's board of directors.
Tan, Katherine, Wycliffe Singapore personnel officer.
Technology for Kingdom-Building training seminar--Short-term missions.
Akovenko, Jim, executive director of JAARS.
Moore, Jim and Ginger, Wycliffe U.S. members.
Asian Computer Support Operations (ACSO)
Singapore Church--Mobilization for missions.
Resources Getting down to business: Wycliffe's Kenneth