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Title After survey, then what?
Author(s) Janke, Dwayne.
Local Call Num. WORDAlive, Nov/Dec 1987
Status This item is currently IN the library.
Series WORDAlive magazine.
Pages p. 10
Publishing Info Calgary, AB Wycliffe Canada. 1987
Loan Type/Days WAM-WORDAlive Magazine / This item may circulate for 7 Days
Department WAM-WORDAlive Magazine
Media WAM-WORDAlive Magazine
Volume/Issue Nov/Dec 1987 (5:4)
Subjects Copland, Geoff, SIL's regional assistant director for the PNG Islands region.
Copland, Geoff and wife, Wycliffe U.S. members.
Allocation of translators--Criteria.
Janke, Dwayne, WORDAlive editor.
Woodland, Andy, Wycliffe Canada member, language surveyor in PNG.
Description PDF only.
Resources After survey, then what?