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005 20220921092839.0
008 220921n                       0    und  
100 0 $aLockhart, Doug.
245 00$aGetting down to business: Wycliffe's Kenneth Kok mobilizes
      Singapore's...$bChurch--including skilled Christian professionals--for missions.$hPeriodical{PER}
260   $aCalgary, AB$bWycliffe Canada.$c2002
300   $ap. 16-21
440  0$aWORDAlive magazine.
650  0$aKok, Kenneth$xWycliffe Singapore director.
650  0$aMay, Bernie, former Wycliffe U.S. director and missionary
650  0$aKok, Kenneth and Catherine, Wycliffe Singapore members.
650  0$aTay, Andrew, chair of Wycliffe Singapore's board of
650  0$aTan, Katherine, Wycliffe Singapore personnel officer.
650  0$aTechnology for Kingdom-Building training seminar$xShort-term missions.
650  0$aAkovenko, Jim, executive director of JAARS.
650  0$aMoore, Jim and Ginger, Wycliffe U.S. members.
650  0$aAsian Computer Support Operations (ACSO)
650  0$aSingapore Church$xMobilization for missions.
852   $aPeriodical{PER}$bCanada Institute of Linguistics.{Canad002}$hWORDAlive, Summer 2002$iLOC$p022035
856   $u
      -kgIZo/view?usp=sharing$nGetting down to business: Wycliffe's Kenneth

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