iPAC Login

If licensed for L4U Freedom, patrons must login to the iPAC in order to access their My Profile or their My Freedom Profile. Login is accomplished by entering a client code and PIN/Password. Authorized patrons can have access to their circulation histories, reserves, renewals or other information depending on Web Privileges assigned by the Library Administrator. To login to My Profile:

  1. From the iPAC home page, click Login under the  toolbar

  2. Do one of the following

  3. Enter your PIN/Password

  4. Click Login


Note: If there are more than one clients with the same last name and the same PIN, then you must Login using your Client Code.


L4U Freedom Login

In order to access the L4U Freedom features, users must login to their My Profile first, see above. To login to Freedom:

    1. From the My Profile page, click L4U Freedom

    2. The My L4U Freedom Profile appears


Note: Forced login enabled by the library administrator means all iPAC users have to login to access the iPAC features.


Log Out

It is best practice to always log out of the iPAC once you have completed your work. This ensures that no one else is able to view your account or perform transactions under your login. To log out of iPAC:

1.   From any iPAC page, Click Log Out

2.   Do one of the following:

   Click Yes, Logout and save my session to return later. This option will have L4U restore the contents of your bookbag upon your next login.

   Click Yes, Logout and delete my session. This option deletes the contents of your bookbag

   If you selected Log Out in error and would like to return to the iPAC, Click the button to the right of No, please return

3.   The iPAC home page appears

Quit iPAC

The steps to quit the L4U iPAC entirely differ depending upon your connection type. If you are accessing the internal iPAC through the L4U program, you need to first close the iPAC window and then File > Quit or Change Password Level to switch to Administration mode. If you are accessing the iPAC through a web browser:

1.   If you are logged in, be sure to log out

2.   File > Exit or File > Quit depending on your operating system