Viewing Search Results

By default the L4U iPAC search results are displayed in Detail view. By default this list includes the Title, Subtitle, Author, Publisher, Call Number, Status, Location, Book Cover and lists each individual item separately. This initial listing of found items can also be displayed as Authorities (Authorities display is available for List, Details & Bibliographic views).











  Items Display (Details View)   compared to   Authority Display

Note: If L4U is set to Item display and you have performed a Quicksearch on one of the Authorities (Title, Author, Subject, Series, Editor Illustrator), you can switch to the Authority view by Clicking the link at the bottom of the page. In the case of a Subject search the link will read, Display by Subject.

Alternatively, you can switch to the Authority display as the default display. The Authority display is a table containing only a list of hits and the num­ber of items associated to each. For Example: a Title search would result in a list of Titles only and the number of items containing the search term in that Title. To view the individual items, you must Click the Title link

Regardless of the view chosen, the total results are listed at the top of the table and the records are displayed 15 per page. To view the next 15 records, simply Click Next 15 Hits or the preceding records, Click Previous 15 Hits.

Search results can be further refined with the following options. These options can be set in Preferences to be the default when a new internet browser window is opened or modified on the fly in the current internet browser window (current session). The cur­rent session settings override the settings defined in Preferences.

To modify the Current Session iPAC Customization Settings:

1.   From any iPAC page, hover the mouse pointer over the cog icon

2.   Select the desired option


1.   From any iPAC page, click the cog icon

2.   Select the desired options

3.   Click Apply


The settings are then applied to the current ses­sion. If the window is closed, these options will be lost and any new internet browser sessions will use the settings in Preferences.

Default Results Display


This view is similar to the list of materials as presented in the Library File and other files in L4U. This view presents the most items on the screen with the minimum amount of space.


Detail display shows the patron the individual library items in more detail than the List results.



The results list is similar to the Details view but in bibliographic format.

Highlight Search Criteria

This option will highlight the search terms in the resulting lists. This allows patrons to quickly locate the relevant items on screen.

Spell Check Search Criteria

When performing a single field search (ie: not Multiseek), L4U will check the spelling of the search terms and suggest alterna­tive forms of the misspelled words from the collection’s keywords. For example, a keyword search of aroara boreealis will result in L4U suggesting aurora borealis.

Perform Similar Searches

If enabled, author searches will display other authors based on the subjects in the list of results. For example, a search for the author Anna Sewell, will list these authors because of the sub­jects associated with Anna Sewell’s found materials.

Display Search Suggestions

L4U will list different combina­tions of the search terms and the number of items found using those combinations. For exam­ple, a keyword search of civil war videos is too specific and returns no hits. L4U will suggest alternative search terms with the number of items associated with that search term.

Details Balloons

L4U will present a pop up bal­loon which contains the item’s bibliographic information when the cursor hovers over the title of the item. To dismiss the balloon, either click the close box or click on another item’s title.


Easy Search on Every Page

The Easy Search button can be displayed on every page of the iPAC.

Default Search Screen

Easy Search will present the iPAC user with one search field to search the collection. This may be the best solution for younger patrons. Quick Search offers more search options for the patron.

Default iPAC Languages

L4U can display the iPAC screens in one of three Languages; English, French or Spanish. The Language selected will affect the buttons and alert messages that appear when clients use the iPAC functions. This setting does not convert the data within your collection, only the interface that displays your materials. The Language selection will only apply to the iPAC, and will not affect any other levels of L4U.

Default iPAC Skin

The appearance of the L4U iPAC can be changed by simply selecting a differ­ent skin. A skin will change the look of the dialog boxes, buttons, etc of the iPAC interface. The different skins available are selectable from the drop list.

Navigating the Results List

Standard internet browser window controls are available when the display is set to Item Display. Sort by, Records per Page and Go To a desired page allow patrons to quickly navigate the results list.

Sorting Search Results

While in the Item or Authority list views, it is possible to sort the search results. This is achieved by Clicking the column header by which you wish to order the records. Clicking the col­umn header once will sort the records in ascending order. If you click the same header again, the records will be listed in descending order. If you reorder a list while viewing any page other than the first results page, you will be returned to the first page with the new sort order displayed.

Viewing Item Detail

Once you have performed a search and have a list of results, you may wish to view the records in more detail. This is done by Clicking the Title link of the item you wish to view. When using the Authority view, you will need to display the individual records by Clicking the link in the authority list prior to selecting an individual record.

The item detail display contains all the information specific to the item chosen. This can include: Title, Subtitle, Author, Local Call Number, Status, Pages, Publishing information, Circulation (Loan period) information, Department, Media, Subjects and Description. Any data entered in the library file record will be displayed in the iPAC item detail. If a book cover has been saved to this item record, it will display as well.

Note: While viewing the details of a specific record you can return to the search results list by Clicking Go Back.


Related Searches

When viewing the item details for an individual record, a related search can be con­ducted by clicking any field data that appears as a link. These fields will most often be Title, Author, Series, Ed/Illus and/or Subjects. By clicking one of these links a page will display showing that search criteria and the number of records that contain the selected information. Clicking in this list will display the individual records.

View MARC Record

Within the item detail view is a View MARC Record link. This link is used to view the MARC tagged display of the chosen record.